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So you’ve successfully waded through a sea of government applications and contracting requirements in order to be awarded your GSA schedule contract-so now what? Did you know that in 2010 roughly 40% of GSA schedule holders failed in their businesses? Getting onto a GSA schedule does not guarantee your success.

FJD Marketing excels in post-award marketing. Investing in a government driven marketing plan from the start dynamically enhances your chances for success when competing for business from various Federal agencies. FJD Marketing knows how to make your business succeed. We offer unique marketing communications targeted to access and acquire the Federal agencies that will make you highly profitable. Let FJD Marketing take your government fueled business to new heights!



Targeted Federal Organizations 


  • Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branch Federal Agencies and Activities
  • Authorized Government Contractors
  • Government Corporations (Mixed Ownership)
  • The Government of the District of Columbia
  • Authorized GSA Organizations and Activities
  • Key Federal Executives
  • Military Officers and Personnel
  • Federal Government Directory Leaders


Marketing Communications Services 


  • Website Design & Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Print Design & Production
  • Training and Curriculum Resource Development
  • Trained Trade Show Representatives
  • Pre/Post Trade Show Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing Services
  • Strategic Government Lead Generation
  • Trained Government Sales Representatives 
Services We Offer

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